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Bard of Blood; Netflix new series is adaptation of a spy Novel.

Netflix new upcoming series, a joint venture of Red chilies, is an adaptation of a spy novel. The novel was written in 2015, by Bilal Siddiqi. The series will be available for streaming from September 27th.

The Bard of Blood is the story of an expelled spy, Kabir Anand who is recalled from his new life as a Shakespeare professor in Panchgani to save his country and long-lost love.

However, filmmakers in India are somehow obsessed with showing the unrealistic negative perception possible. In this new series, Emraan Hashmi plays the role of a Raw agent who is fighting rebels in Balochistan.  Filmmakers in India are using clichés in their content, which has no relevant sense.

Some people lashed out on Twitter, stating that the Bollywood industry can keep Pakistan out from their non-sense rescue missions which are shown in their content.

Seriously, these filmmakers are out of ideas and are trying to cash the opportunity by showing negative perception about our country Pakistan.

It’s really sad when art is influenced by hate and wrong perception. Art should unite people not divide.


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