Can mayonnaise really help cure damaged hair?

Hair damage tends out to be one of the aesthetic imperfections and a handicap. Your hair can reflect your overall personality and appearance. Isn’t it true that everyone wants to have smooth, silky and finest hair but more often due to people’s own negligence for hair care they fail to have so?

Mayonnaise turns out to be one of the finest ingredients to cure damaged hair and you do not need to look for a perfect mask to cure your hair when the immediate solution is already present in your own kitchen!

Here is how you can help get rid of hair loss, frizzy hair, lack of shine, split ends and a few basic hair care issues. The frequently asked question in the case would be, Does it really work? Yes, this is probably because Mayonnaise does contain some really healthy and essential ingredients for hair treatment like, egg yolks, canola or Soy bean oil that contain fatty acids and vitamins that play a vital role to strengthen the hair and boost them up by providing sufficient glow and shine that healthy looking hair must have. After a quick research we found out that few other main ingredients include lemon juice and vinegar because the citrus helps to freshen up the scalp and seal in moisture. So if your goal is to achieve the look of healthy looking hair, Mayonnaise might be a good option for you.

This is how you can make the Mayonnaise Hair Mask for yourself. Just follow the steps below.

You will need: A cup of Mayo and 30 minutes of processing time, that’s it!

The process:

  • Deeply cleanse and dampen the hair with water.
  • Take the required amount of Mayonnaise and apply it starting from the scalp and going low to the ends. Focus on massaging it outwards and on the roots to apply it sufficiently on the split part.
  • Cover your head with a shower cap to give ample amount of time for mayonnaise to absorb or soak in properly. Leave it for 15-20 minutes
  • Wash your hair thoroughly with your shampoo and deeply cleanse it to get rid of the residue you might have in your hair.

If you desire to have softer, shinier and frizz free hair we recommend you to use this technique once or twice a month and you will feel the difference!

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