The Bold Type is a show which revolves around three best friends- Kat, Jane and Sutton. They all work for a magazine “Scarlet” in New York. The show reflects every aspect of their life journeys from highs and lows, to challenges, marriages and divorce to self- discovery.

This show also talks about serious topics related to career and tells us things we can do to learn more about our careers.

  1. Other women aren’t your competition:

They are your allies and will go off their way to help you. They would be there to cheer you up and attend all emergencies life to career meetings with you. Figure out a fashion closet with your work colleagues and show the world that together you’re stronger. They will always have you back, lift you up and be there to fight for you when necessary rather than tearing you and your career down. The three best-friends show us and make us realize how valuable our work friends could be!

  • Have PR across and up:

It’s vital to have network and PR with people not only on your level but also those who are above you. And that is exactly what the three girls do. Whether it was Alex, Pinstripe or Adena, throughout the show we see that the girls stay connected to people across multiple professions and posts. They develop good and healthy relationship with them and are there for their peers and colleagues throughout.

  • You should know your worth and things you want. Then don’t be afraid to ask for them:

If we talk about creating opportunities, then Sutton is the best example. She was treated poorly, underpaid and always had different dreams. But soon when an opportunity swung by, she played a huge role and did what she loved and wants. She went for the opportunity despite the fact that it wasn’t easy for her. She had the skills and upon taking her dream job she did so well and made a huge cut. We got to know about her skills, strengths and how she was a valuable asset to the company.

  • What a great leader is like:

We are all in awe of Jacqueline Carlyle and to an extent would want to be like her. Can we all just take a moment and appreciate her sense of styling and fashion? And her hair! Not just that Sutton’s leader- Oliver too is like our dream leader. Oliver takes time to come around but when he does, he would always have your back. Jacqueline is a fiercely bold woman who is ready to beat the sh*t out of all the straight white men in the board room. Even though the magazine is all about fashion, lifestyle and women- the board of directors are misogynistic men. However, Jacqueline uses her strength to her advantage and always manages to win the game. One great thing about both Oliver and Jacqueline has been that they suffered in their personal life, the relationship they had with their partners was difficult but they never allowed that to seep in their professional lives. Not only were they understanding but there for other people in their hardest times too. They both lead by example, unashamedly love what they do, aren’t afraid to make decisions but yet also aren’t afraid to admit when they’re wrong. If we can be half of the bosses to our teams as Jacqueline and Oliver are to theirs, we think we’re doing okay.

  • Always speak up in meetings and fight for what you want and know is right.

Despite the fact that the company’s senior board of directors and members were all men, Kat was always the one who spoke her heart out. She wasn’t afraid of anyone. She knows how to make her space and have authority. Not just that, she has always been an advocate for things she believes in and alwas speaks for what is right.

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