Child sexual abuse-in term of medical science

There is a different type of child abuse our society is full with ie physical,mental,traf­ficking,neglect,sexu­al and many others but today I want to adress the most common types of child abuse called child sexual abuse.
All the time we visit our social media we found many baby girls who got warped by paedophile. in last few months the rate of these case are horribly increased
After being victim some of them got relentlessly murderd if left alive story never ends here because this traumatic incident influence their whole life showing different physical and psychological symptoms.
Health problems that are associated with health sexual abuse in children have been well documented in different literature the few of physical health issues are gastrointestinal disorders,gynaecolog­ical disorders and somatization,while psychological and behavioural symptoms have been reported in child victims of sexual abuse abuse are anxiety,low self stem,PTSD,cognitive impairments,body image concerns,substance abuse,self harming and many other things.
Now the question is why male target little kids even they have never got any developed sensational body features to go for?The very simple answer is that the people who involves in such type of activities have got serious type of mental illness which is called pedophilia in which a person experience a primary or exclusive sexual attraction towards children’s.
This statement make us to think either pedophilia is crime or mental illness if mental illness than why we are not treating them?if crime than what is its penalty?
how could we spot the pedophile?and many other questions arise in our mind!
Getting into that statement is not the cure the answer of these questions is that take care of your child this is only you who could save your child.
Educate your child about society make them realise that touching your private part even just body touch with someone is a big taboo.
Make them understand to cover their body in public and never allow any one to make physical contect with them,realise them that never response to any stranger even the relative who show extra love caresses and sympties to them and offer them chocolate or other stuff kids really love about,make them to trust you by being friendly and assure them that they are only suppose to trust their parents. Take precautions and keep strict Chek and balance on you child ask him/her about their dailly routine,
Just take care of your child because you definitely never want to loss your children!remember in the end no any justice by any authority will get your children back this is only you who can save your child.
Save child’s they are future!

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