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How Chris Evans is moving on from Marvel

Almost a decade after making his first appearance as the noble Steve Rogers in Marvel Cinematic Universe with the 2011 film Captain America: first avenger, the actor seemed to leave the shield forever with this summer’s epic Avengers: Endgame, the 22nd film in the MCU and the ninth of Evans. And now, he, like the few other Avenger actors who saw his path of MCU coming to an end this summer, prepares to do the impossible: trace a new path out of the giant that elevated his career to heroic heights.

Now, Evans has moved on to his next project, Knives Out, a family drama/murder mystery helmed by Rian Johnson of Star Wars: The Last Jedi fame. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about making the transition from playing an iconic superhero who embodies the spirit of selfless service in the biggest cinematic universe in history to playing one of the suspects in a smaller, more intimate setting of a whodunnit thriller, Evans termed the whole process as “pretty seamless,”

Further adding that the daily routine of coming to set for a day of shooting was pretty similar for both films, Evans also admitted that he had just as much fun working on his new feature as he had on the sets of his Marvel movies:

“And to be honest, it was just as fun. Everyone on this set, everyone’s just here to have a good time and everyone loves what they do. It’s a real blessing.”

While the actor, who will always be remembered by fans the world over as the inimitable Captain America, appears to have made his peace with the end of his journey in the MCU, moviegoers are finding it a lot harder to say goodbye to the superhero who led the Avengers in their battles against Thanos and numerous other Marvel villains.

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