Crossing swords to the world!!

Emotional heartbreak
There is a massive difference between “what I wish” and “what I want”. Every single person in our community is going through many things, has to deal with them and is learning to live with them. Those issues can be categorized in any aspect; physical, mental or emotional. Sooner or later this stress becomes the most awful nightmare of one’s life which haunts them every moment.
This is a cruel world and it’s high time we start believing this phrase. “Emotional heartbreak” a word so familiar, approximately 90% of people has faced it once in their life at least. People think it’s the end of their life but little do they know that it’s just the beginning to their beautiful life with no toxic people in it. It depends on you how you go through a heartbreak either you want to be strong throughout the journey or you just decide to be weak and let people trample upon you. In this society of ours men and women equally face such trauma just because he is a “men” doesn’t mean he cannot feel and have to be strong no matter what, at the end of the day he is a human and it’s all that matters. In such situations we start blaming ourselves for the consequences or we start finding flaws in ourselves and somehow make ourselves believe that we were not enough. Stop right there my friend, and just think that what if it wasn’t you what if that person was flawed. It’s not necessary that you have to be at fault every time.
Relationship, such a beautiful word with a strong definition but can also be the most destructive thing ever. After a breakup most of the times the person at fault tries to play the victim and make you feel guilty and bad about yourself, YOU should believe in yourself that you weren’t wrong and if you believe in yourself than you don’t need anyone to believe in you or you don’t need to give any sort of explanations to any single person. If he/she left is because they couldn’t see your worth, they couldn’t see your efforts, they couldn’t see the immense love you showered upon them , the affection you showed them, they weren’t blind .were they? It’s just that he wasn’t willing to see your worth and whatever you do would always remain unseen by them. Red flags be screaming right in your face and you convince yourself no that’s orange just because you love that person so much. Don’t push yourself so hard onto something that you don’t deserve, take a deep breath and let it go. The darkness after a breakup has many disastrous consequences such as depression, mental stress; people start to self harm and turn suicidal. NO, that’s not what you deserve ,you deserve better .always remember after every sunset there is a sunrise after every night there is a beautiful morning all you need to do is hold on to every beautiful thing in your life and make it your strength.
Usually after a breakup people isolate themselves away from the world and neglect all the beautiful things around them. They are unable to trust others as their trust has always been broken once. Yes, it is hard to trust someone after such an experience but not everyone is same every single human in this world shares a different personality and traits from each other. The right one is always going to be there you just need to find out who it is. Look around you, you have a whole life to live, you a have beautiful journey ahead don’t waste this just because of someone who was never worth it
You start distancing yourself from people who actually love you and care about you like your friends and family. This is the time when you need them the most. As a matter of fact, everyone wants that one specific person by their side with whom they can share their darkest secrets, their happy moments and everything else without being judged. YOU need to be there for yourself, YOU need to be strong, YOU need to start loving yourself. Do not let anyone empower you, leave the table where respect is not served and make yourself respect your first priority. Turn your weaknesses into your strength and face them with the utmost courage.
All our young one’s need is a little counseling and guidance from their parents. In few cases family is no t always there to help their kid which makes the child more depressive and they try to find alternates or rebound as they want someone to be their . most of the people are stuck in between “wanting to feel that type of live again” but “not wanting to feel that type of hurt again”. finding a rebound for yourself is never a good option because you will never actually have such feelings for that person, and spoiling someone else’s life and putting them in a condition you have been through knowing how hard it was will never be justified
You deserve all the happiness in the world and you don’t know what is waiting for you ahead. thinking that your life is ended after a breakup when it is just the beginning , know your worth always , trust yourself, have faith in yourself and ,most importantly love yourself only then you can love anyone else. Don’t be sad lift your head up and embrace this beautiful life gifted to you and make the most out of it!

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