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Daughter of Bruce lee slams Once Upon a Time in Hollywood for her father’s portrayal

The recent Hollywood released movie ” Once upon a time in Hollywood ” is under some hot water.

Movie features A-list actors, from Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie. The film has found itself under some controversy when Bruce lee’s daughter Shannon Lee has criticized her father’s portrayal in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

She recently revealed in a interview that ” it as disheartening and really uncomfortable to watch the movie “.

Shannon’s criticism refers to the particular scene of the film where Brad Pitt’s stuntman character Cliff Booth who exchanges insults with Bruce Lee and the pair agree to fight informally.

Shannon Lee says, “He comes across as an arrogant asshole who was full of hot air, not someone who had to fight triple as hard as any of those people did to accomplish what was naturally given to so many others. It was really uncomfortable to sit in the theater and listen to people laugh at my father.”

Shannon further stressed that it was disheartening to see her dad portrayed as arrogant, especially as he had to work much harder to succeed in Hollywood.

“I can understand all the reasoning behind what is portrayed in the movie, I understand that the two characters are antiheroes and this is sort of like a raging fantasy of what would happen and they’re portraying a period of time that clearly had a lot of racism and exclusion. I understand they want to make the Brad Pitt character this super bad-ass who could beat up Bruce Lee. But they didn’t need to treat him in the way that white Hollywood did when he was alive”

She continued saying, “What I’m interested in is raising the consciousness of who Bruce Lee was as a human being and how he lived his life. All of that was flushed down the toilet in this portrayal and made my father into this arrogant punching bag.”

After this many fans took to show support, and showed anger towards the writers and movie.


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