Depression is a serious illness!!

Depression is a condition which can affect everything you do in your everyday life. It’s not something that you can recover easily from, like a cold or stomach bug. Many people with depression think they are just feeling sad, and that it will go away with time. For some people, it does just that. But for 15 million others, depression is a constant feeling that does not go away on its own. These people are the ones who may benefit from extra support and help. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) found that depression is the second greatest reason for disability in the world. Unfortunately, only 10% of these people ever receive any effective treatment.

Depression is also known as one of the prodigious issues our young people face. Not only we but even our ancestors and people whined about it. The kids who are the shimmering stars, the ones who will revamp the world’s structure are now scrimming depression. Despondent and terrified nights with haunting thoughts following you everywhere you go, has become a problem for our young people.

Leaving untreated depression can cause many other problems in one’s personal and professional lives. That’s why it’s so important to seek support, not only for relationships and jobs, but in your own interest.

Depression is not feeling down for an hour out of your day. It’s not something to be glorified. It’s not beautiful. Depression is being on the brink of tears because you dropped your glass of water. It’s not having the urge to clean up the mess, rather you fall on the floor and cry. It’s feeling safety in not brushing your hair for weeks at a time. Depression is one extreme to another, you’re either so high with happiness or so down that you doubt the world will have color again. Depression and panic attacks can hit you at work, in your car, at a birthday party or anywhere.

Depression is not fun, it’s not a game, and it’s not a quirk to add to your personality because you think it’s cool. Depression is serious and ugly and affects so many people. Depression doesn’t just disappear, you don’t suddenly wake up and decide not to feel hopeless.

Always remember It’s all right crying out. It’s good being poor. You are not just bulletproof, you are a human just. Leave the pain to those tears you have shed. Let the memories remain but not the mourning. Smile. Smile the real smile, without pretension and heartaches. Be okay. Be fixable. Be happy. Live.

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