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Due to global warming we may have to change the way we eat!

Factory farming, better refrigeration and globalization have all transformed billions of people’s diets.

From beef, chicken and fresh seafood to exotic fruits and vegetables flown in from around the world, we are now spoilt for choice when it comes deciding what to put on our plates. Many diets are now based around meat, while dairy products such as butter, milk and cheese are no longer viewed as luxuries.

Waste is also an issue. In some countries, easy access to food means some consumers can take it for granted, throwing out leftovers or unused ingredients without a second thought. Around 1.3 billion tons of food produced for human consumption is either lost or wasted every year, the FAO has said.

Supermarkets and restaurants are increasing their offering of meat-free products, while fast food giants such as Burger King have added plant-based items to meat-heavy menus.

Even if people decide to continue eating meat and dairy, a focus on seasonal food and production methods that are less intensive could also have a role to play.

It’s all well and good to advocate for a diet based on locally grown, sustainable ingredients. More often than not, however, these types of products are expensive and inaccessible to a great deal of shoppers.

By contrast, out of season or non-native items flown in from across the world can often offer a cheaper option and year round supply of fruits and vegetables.

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