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Dust storm in Karachi downs power cables, rips off trees in some areas

The sudden dust storm that Karachi experienced last night came with howling gales and hampered visibility on numerous major roads. The wind was so strong that it ripped off tin walls and knocked out power cables in some localities, cutting off electricity.

Further, multiple airlines halted their flights from the Jinnah International Airport.

Furniture ‘flew like a projectile’
On the other hand, singer Fakhr-e-Alam warned against the winds throwing off garden furniture. He said: “Garden furniture in one of my neighbours house flew like a projectile and crashed into his vehicles windscreen breaking it.

“Please ensure there are NO free moving objects around you,” he added.

Shehzad Roy tweeted a picture of his car that was parked in his garage yet covered in a lot of sand.

“My car is in a garage … you can imagine what’s going on outside.”

Artist Nadia Jamil, however, was shooting for some project in Karachi and talked of how she had to protect herself from the dust in the air affecting her nose.

“Gotta keep that nosey clean in between shots,” she wrote, with a laughing emoji.

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