Everything you have wanted to know about micro needling.

Every dermatologist we have interviewed out there can’t stop talking about the benefits of micro needling. They swear by this treatment. It can be used all over the body. The benefits of it is that it fixes the appearance of scars, boosts collagen and encourages hair growth. It is also great for sun damage, wrinkles, fine lines and stretch marks etc.

This is a very old practice and has gained a lot of attention lately. Due to social media it has become very prominent and gained attention. There are numerous dermatologists out there who are doing this and they have even told how multi-purpose this treatment is.

Micro-needling creates microscopic punctures in the skin.

Micro-needling as the name suggests is an insertion of very small and short needles in the skin that helps the process for rejuvenation. When the body feels small pinpricks definitely the body will feel it and naturally would rush to heal them. After a couple of sittings you’ll have a baby skin and it will have more youthful appearance. The most popular device and pocket friendly for micro-needling has needles ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 millimeters.

You can get it done in the office or at home.

The benefit of micro-needling when done by your dermatologist is that it can also be done with PRP which makes it more effective. If you do it at home definitely it won’t be as effective as the one done in a clinic. When used by professionals they are safer despite the fact their needles are sharper. If you choose to do this at home regardless, try to use a clean, sterilized equipment to avoid any infection.

Micro-needling offers results instantly.

From micro-needling alone we can look very plump, fresh and luminous for a couple of weeks. It plumps the skin and yes, while your skin will appear luminous it will cause inflammation and swelling. Some people often see results right after a few sessions.

Micro-needling causes improvement over time.

A study revealed that with just over four sessions approximately 400% increase is experienced in collagen and elastin and the skin feels more tight and fresh.

You can supercharge it with a serum.

You can use hydrating serums and hyaluronic acid on your skin and help absorb and massage it with a derma roller. Antioxidants and niacin amide are also good as well. They are a great for your skin as well as they leave it hydrated.

There have been significant breakthroughs this year.

A lot of people have opted for this treatment. Everyone knows how promising the treatment is. It causes great collagen production and tightens the tissues.

Did you know micro-needling can also work to reduce cellulite?

Micro-needling devices help reduce fine lines, cellulite and sagging skin.

Derma roller plays a vital role in skincare treatments.

Micro-needling works great with multiple treatments and lasers. We often use this to apply anti-aging creams as they penetrate deep through the needle punctures.

Micro-needling alone only gives temporary results.

Studies show that micro-needling alone can only give temporary results and they don’t last that long. In order to make sure it lasts long you need to combine it with radiofrequency in order to reduce wrinkle and scars, also to improve skin quality.


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