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Facebook, Instagram soon to restrict content related to smoking, tobacco and e-cigarettes

According to the new policies of Facebook, the social networking site will limit content related to alcohol and tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.

Due to this policy Facebook will prohibit sales, trades, transfers and gifting of alcohol and any kind of promotion on tobacco products on Facebook and Instagram. Any brands that post content related to the sale or transfer of these products will have to restrict that content to adults 18 or older.

According to reports Facebook may remove any groups that do not make necessary changes. The company will ” use a combination of technology, human review and reports from our community to find and remove any content that violates these policies “.

Those users who are under 18 will be allowed to show or post content related to JUL, Vape, Tobacco. The Facebook spokeswoman said the new policy had been in the works to control and provide a healthy environment to youth and have a better influence in the society.

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