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Fake policeman swindles money from people in name of coronavirus relief fund

A police officer was caught taking money from people in the name of government’s Covid19 relief fund, ARY News reported.

According to details, an individual performing duty around as a local police official was seen collecting money from passerbys from for Rs300 to Rs500 in the name of relief efforts.

The Divisional Superintendent of Police (DSP) spoke on the matter claiming that the fake police man has never been a part of the law enforcing agency in any capacity and was using a disguise to fool the general population.

A formal case has been registered against the individual and all the money he had accumulated from regular people in the name of coronavirus relief fund has also been recovered.

The alleged impostor has interestingly claimed that he is employed in the police force of Sahiwal.
Earlier in the day, The Ranipur area of Sindh undergoing lockdown restrictions like the rest of the province saw some favoritism and probable corruption take place.

According to details, Sindh government currently disseminating coronavirus relief goods across the province distributed the money and ration to a chosen few.

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