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FATF team to land in Pakistan today!

ISLAMABAD: A delegation of the Asia-Pacific Group (APG) on money laundering, a regional affiliate of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), will arrive in Islamabad today for talks and to evaluate measures taken by the country to curb terrorism financing and money laundering.

The Financial Action Task Force, also known by its French name, Groupe d’action financière, is an intergovernmental organization founded in 1989 on the initiative of the G7 to develop policies to combat money laundering. In 2001 its mandate expanded to include terrorism financing.

Finance Division Spokesperson Khaqan Hassan Najeeb informed media that:

The talks will start on Tuesday and will end on Thursday.

In 2018, the Paris-based FATF had placed Pakistan on a money laundering “grey list” but given it time to take action before a further downgrade.

The Pakistani authorities will be briefing the FATF team on the measures the country has implemented to stop money laundering and curb the financing of terrorist activities.

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