Our favourite 90’s Disney classic games are being remastered!

It’s official now! The Disney games that made our childhoods memorable are being remastered and will be bundled together as a single release on Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC this fall, in October. The exact date is still not known.

It is said that Aladin and The Lion King are still in the process of remastering. There is the Mega Drive and Game Boy versions Of Aladin and the SNES, Mega Drive, and the Game Boy versions of the Lion King that will soon be available on all the modern consoles.

These games are being edited precisely to add a modern touch to them. It is reported that both the games will be playable in original and 1080p resolutions with their original soundtracks. You’ll also be able to enjoy some new features such as the option to fast-forward and rewind, also you can jump to any part of the game. Moreover, the game itself will take over to show the player how to clear the stage.

Back in the 90s, Japanese developers used to make the game versions of all the Disney cartoons and movies such as Mickey’s Space Adventure, Mickey and Donald, Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse, Disney’s PK: Out of the Shadows and many more.

These game versions were licensed by Disney. However, in recent decades, Disney has hardly shown any interest in making new video games. Surprisingly, the two extremely popular games that are The Lion King and Aladin are coming back and we can’t wait for a whole new SNES and Sega Genesis world.

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