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First school for transgenders has opened in Lodhran!

Pakistan is finally moving towards an inclusive society. We’re prospering and not just in terms of our finances. Although there still prevail inhumane elements in our country, we’ve finally started to accept and do something about them. In an effort to create an equal society and opportunity for all, the Literacy Department under the Punjab Government has opened a school for transgenders in Lodhran.

The news was shared by Shahbaz Gill, spokesperson for Chief Minister of Punjab, Usman Buzdar.

The act has been met with a lot of appreciation on Twitter and otherwise.

In a country like Pakistan, where the transgenders were only recognized as the third gender by NADRA in 2012, the community has been met with a lot of troubles. Humiliation and being forced to work as sex workers, because of poverty and no education, the transgenders, in Pakistan have led a troublesome life. However, with such steps, we can now hope for a better future for the transgender community in Pakistan as well. A life, where they will have their well deserved respect and equal opportunities for everything.


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