Five beauty products you need for this week.

Listed below are 5 products that should be your must buys and they deserve a spot in your self-care routine at all times.

This candle smells like heaven. It has this very different rich yet subtle smell of vanilla and coconut in it. It actually feels like a hug. We can’t stop burning it at our offices, homes and bathrooms. Its fragrance is so appealing and hits your senses on a very different mode. Instantly a person feels calm and relaxed. Once you invest in it, you can’t and won’t switch it to anything else.

Fresh sugar recovery lip mask. 

A mask for lips? Yes you heard that right. It’s a thing nowadays, wearing lip masks is really important for super chapped lips. This has to be incorporated in your daily routine. If you want a more compatible one, opt for the one which comes in stick form. This is super handy that way and hydrates your extra dry lips. It also has a signature sugar scent too which for some is an advantage.

While we are still on the topic of lip masks and balms, let’s not forget the most amazing liquid balm texture that summer Friday’s lip butter balm has. They have changed their tube a little bit as well to cater the needs of client, as earlier it dispensed too much product and now it has this different applicator tip that is more effective and glides on a like a pro.

This mask works wonders. It is available for sensitive and extra dry skin but it also works for those who had too much exposure to the fun, or who want a deep and a great facial sessions. This can be used in emergency as well and should be your go-to travel essential.

If you want a radiant and luminous skin look no further. This Vitamin C Gel Cream is too good and everyone has been using it since the past two months. One who applies can witness visible differences in radiance and it quickly absorbs in the skin as well.

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