Foods that are good and bad for your belly fat!


Belly fat is worse than anywhere else in our body and that is the truth, excess accumulation of belly fat is highly dangerous than around your hips or thighs as belly fat leads to a lot of severe problems such as heart disease, stroke and even type 2 diabetes. Your genes play a vital role and can make you overweight but poor lifestyle choices are likely to worsen this issue as well.

There are statements such as fatty foods such as cheese, butter and fatty meats are biggest cause of belly fat. This is false. Eating high-fat food isn’t helpful rather excess calories of any kind is because it starts accumulating in your waistline and lead towards belly fat as well. But don’t forget that your age, diet and lifestyle plays an important role too. Make a habit of reading labels, reduce saturated fats and start taking more fruits and veggies it will help your hair and skin, also try to reduce your portions.
Calories from alcohol are also worse for belly fat than other calories. Fizzy drinks, sweetened beverages, oversized portions of food all lead towards more accumulation of belly fat. Alcohol has a lot of calories and your liver gets too busy burning off calories of alcohol that it doesn’t have time to burn fats from other foods. You’ll keep feeling hungry and your hormones will also be affected.

Trans Fats according to the researchers at Wake Forest University are created by partially hydrogenated oil and it can increase the amount of fat around the belly and it also redistributes fat tissue to the belly from other parts of the body. It’s present in foods such as fry food, cookies, pastries, crackers etc.
Did you know, green tea, soy and blueberries are all ways that you can fight off belly fat? Green tea with exercise helps you reduce weight to a great extent. It also burns off calories and your belly sheds some weight. If you intake blueberry-rich diet it will also lead towards less abdominal fat. If you think substituting regular soft drinks with diet soft drinks is a good way to trim belly fat then that is wrong. According to AHA soft drinks contain the most sugar and are the number one reasons for gaining weight. Refined sugar is substituted with high-fructose corn syrup which is the main contributor of obesity. So switching to diet soda’s also lead to weight gain.

If you want an enhanced and trimmed waistline add fiber to your diet. Like for instance you could opt for brown rice over white- fiber rich food will help with your metabolism and digestion. So do take it in a required portion. Furthermore, when you substitute refined grains with whole grains then it will help you a lot. Popcorn is a whole grain food and it can boost fiber. The best way to prepare popcorn is in an air popper because it requires no oil for cooking.

If we look at genders than men tend to collect more belly fat than women. This is because men tend to store fat more in their abdominal area that is because of hormones. Before the age of 40, women store fat in areas such as hips, thighs and buttocks. But after 40, the estrogen levels drop and the body fat starts to redistribute in the abdomen area.

Spot exercises such as crunches, sit-ups don’t target belly fat. If you do sit-up, crunches or other abdominal exercises then it will strengthen your core muscles and will help you lose fat but won’t necessarily strengthen your core muscles. If you’re serious about losing body fat than aerobic exercises such as running, swimming, cycling and tennis. They will help you reduce body fat overall and in an effective manner.
Belly fat furthermore leads to heart failure, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular problems. It has also been associated with dementia, diabetes, high blood pressure and other health problems.

Lastly, the best way to reduce belly fat is through cutting calories and getting more physical activity. There is scientific evidence that calorie controlled diet that is rich with beans, whole grains, vegetables, fish, eggs and dry fruits etc nourishes a person and helps them feel full. Weight loss experts also recommends doing exercises.

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