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Generation Z and how everything is different about them

Hello readers, members of gen Z. I know most of you guys do not read, but Bhai pls…. 2-minute lagge ge, your important messages can wait. After all, I am here to talk about us and why members of gen y do not understand us or often face difficulty in understanding us. So, before I start putting our “gen Z” in words, I would like to introduce ourselves. Members of Gen Y, this blog is for you guys as well.

Statistically, people born after 1997 belong in gen Z. according to some researches by 2030, 30% of the global workforce will be Gen Z but let’s not get into the details because who like details, right? Many of the millennials consider us the loneliest generation and honestly, they are right, almost 6 out 10 member of gen Z considers themselves as lonely, but why is that, I will discuss that later.

Here are few characteristics of Gen Z. we are the social native, while millennials were the pioneers of technology and later got exposed to prevailing internet and social media. Gen Z-ers was born it, they tend to believe more on the internet and social media rather than someone saying the same thing from their mouth. Basically, gen Z-ers live in this digitalized world.  Their inspirations, aspirations and motivation come from the internet. While unlimited internet has allowed gen Z-ers to have unlimited knowledge at their fingertips and helped them increase their knowledge span. However, too much exposure to the digital world has consequences as they are intangible. For example, being too much on-screen can amalgamate feelings of loneliness and insecurity also can cause underdevelopment of social skills.

Members of Gen Z are risk takers yet financially minded. Gen Z-ers tend to surround themselves in a place that is more financially secure or have that mindset that is driven by financial security. Thus, they value the stability that comes with conservative spending, stable jobs and smart investments.

The reason why the world started recognizing and working as a norm towards mental health and its issues is because of Gen Z. Gen Z-ers are considered as the “loneliest generation” because we spend too endless hours online which foster feelings like emptiness and depression, additionally spending too much time on digital platforms means less time spent in cultivating meaningful relationship.

As consumers Gen Z-ers behaviour reflects their value system, their pragmatic approach allows them to research compare and evaluate any product before buying it. They are more likely to be influenced by word of mouth rather than a celebrity endorsement. However fair amount gen Z-ers are influenced by social media celebrities and have aimed to be like them because they believe that recognition and satisfying others in terms of entertainment is everything. They believe recognition is the key to everything, they would rather focus more on how they appear and how their social circle perceives them rather than working intrinsically and constantly foster growth within themselves.

Lastly, I would highlight the fact that we the gen Z although surrounded by social media and considered as independent and highly motivated individuals. However, we too like others have our slumps and we too need help. That brings me to the conclusion that members of gen Z are not motivated by only money or fear but we do need love, care and respect.

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