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Get ready Amazon is bringing something big to replace GOT

The winter is over and the pack finally survived, but last night episode has left many fan in rage and anger.

The end has finally come to an epic series, but HBO competitors are wasting no time to grab this audience into their zone. But the battle between television networks will continue, seeking a new show to rule the world “Thrones” created.

Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Showtime all have been working feverishly to reconstruct the scale, acclaim, relevance and to smash the HBO throne.

Where Netflix is working day and night on its big budget “The Witcher,” based on a supernatural-monster literary franchise with A-list leading cast, on the other hand Amazon seeks to bring viewers back to the Shire with “Lord of the Rings”. Yes Amazon is all packed up to bring the epic movies into series and to break the GOT spell with this one.

According to sources, Amazon is working on a series that is 10x bigger than Game of Thrones, and its is believed to be Lord of the Rings series. Amazon Studios has a multi-season commitment for the series, and the deal also includes a potential spin-off series. Amazon’s Lord of the Rings TV show is expected to release in 2021. A specific release date hasn’t been set for the Lord of the Rings TV show.

If this is believed to be true than no doubt its going to be epic, as we all are well aware about the giant fan base of these movies and the whole magic world. This one is surely going to break the GOT spell.


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