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Go kayaking through mangroves just three hours away from Karachi

There’s an island in Balochistan where you can go kayaking in channels surrounded by three species of mangroves and watch dolphins swim. It is only three hours away from Karachi.

This new spot, what locals call Adi Island, has yet to get the attention of picnickers who have been advised to be eco-friendly while paying it a visit.
There are camping arrangements for overnight stays. You can also watch pods of humpback dolphins swim.

PALS Outdoors, a tourism and event management company, operates in the island. The company’s operations manager, Ghulam Mustafa, says all of their employees were locals who work as lifeguards and chefs.

“We have given the ownership to the locals,” said Mustafa said.

A maximum of 40 people can be accommodated in the camps at a time.
As you step on the island after a 20-minute boat ride from the beach, there are three species of mangroves, Avicennia marina, Ceriops tagal and Rhizophora stylosa, growing there.

Each visitor that pays them a visit has to plant a mangrove sapling.

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