Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn 2019 is available online and it has made us go crazy

As the spring enters into its ending phases we all welcome summers with open arms. Summer is the beginning of a new chapter of life that correlates to vibrancy in not only the scenery but our attire as well. Many brands and classic designer labels come up with latest lawn collection, every summer to not only beat the heat but also as an expression of their creativity. Summer lawn collections are highly popular not only in Pakistan but around the globe as well.

Honestly, I’m a shopping freak especially when it comes to lawn collections. As we enter the spring season and see all these vibrant colorful designs calling us out, the first name that comes in my mind is Gul Ahmed. Spectacular designs and mesmerizing colors from various collections of Gul Ahmed have been sitting in my wardrobe for years giving me the perfect glam look for every occasion be it professional or personal.

However, they have taken a huge faith of leap. The entire Summer Lawn Collection is available online now. Yes, you have read it right. The fabric giant has shocked the market by releasing a full-scale lawn collection only for online buyers.

Now, let’s talk about the prints.

With exuberant palettes, vibrant contrasts and gorgeous digital prints, lawn collections are now available in a large variety that makes the selection even harder for the consumers. Due to the invigorating market demand, many indie brands are jumping in the lawn clothing industry with their collections; however it’s pertinent to note that Gul Ahmed initiated the concept of Original Lawn and are indeed the originators.

Being experts at what they do, Gul Ahmed has come with an exquisite collection this year. The collection includes amazing designs perfectly blended with vibrant colors suitable for all climatic conditions, hence being your perfect wardrobe partner all year around.

Trust me ladies, the collection is definitely dreamy and has simply rocked the shelves this time. Just by visiting their website I was hypnotized to order several pieces of their collection as it was too good to let go.

Let me give you a quick sneak peek of their Premium Lawn Collection, you will find various types of summer-ready fabrics including Swiss Voile, a smooth and silky fabric perfect for summertime formal wear.

Pastels have always been popular when it comes to lawn and summer wear. For the woman who enjoys embracing her femininity, Gul Ahmed offers light pastels with intricate embroideries. The leading collection contains a lot of pastels including Sky Blue, Chalk White, Light Lilac, Grass Green, Sunshine Yellow, and Desert Brown accompanied by a few dark shades, like Flame Red, Royal Blue, Midnight Blue, and Leaf Green.


Having a selection of dark outfits in your wardrobe is an excellent way to avoid wearing the same thing for every occasion.

No one wants to be that predictable!

Try having at least two to three black ensembles. However, in today’s fashion, the options of dark suits are endless; making it difficult to figure out when is a good time to wear a certain suit.

Gul Ahmed has something great to offer all the ladies who love Black, with six exquisite designs are available in this “reLAWNch”.

There is something unique and out of the box for the perfect glam look for every occasion.

This is just the beginning. With more than 300 unique lawn designs available, Gul Ahmed Summer Lawn Collection 2019 is now exclusively available online with FREE delivery all over Pakistan. International delivery becomes FREE on order above US$150.

Let’s not wait! Invite your bestie over and fill your carts with your favorite designs!

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