Happiness matters…

Happiness of people today relies more upon materialistic things. The entire concept of today’s generation – the love with wealth is vague and damaging. People no longer find what truly makes them happy. The entire society if we look at is busy pursuing and busy accumulating wealth. The truth is this kind of happiness which depends upon materialism, is temporary, it’s not there to make you mentally and spiritually at peace. It won’t give you satisfaction and happiness internally. Happiness is a state of mind, you need to truly understand and not take things for granted which makes you happy. You need to understand that morality overpowers intellect. If your soul is not at peace or at peace, it would reflect in every form on the outside. You’d either look damaged, deprived of happiness or you’ll be calm and have faith in yourself and everything you do. Those who don’t understand the meaning of life and the purpose of it will always be caught up in materialistic things and worldly affairs. You need to truly understand the nature of this life, what it has to offer and you need to truly search for the truth otherwise everything will be vague.

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