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Harassment in the city.

Couple of days ago my friend went out for a walk with her colleague near Sea View. As they walked, a guy on the motorbike started starring and following them. 

Two young girls, walking and enjoying themselves under the sky on a Sunday night not bothering anyone were harassed. They were starred & practically ogled. Why? 

This city is filled with filth truly. We’ve always come up with problems and heard stories but till date we haven’t come up with solutions. Dare answer them back or hit them they’ll grab you and r*pe you, follow you or do something with will destroy your life completely. 

It’s sad how people are still harassing girls in 21st century, Aurat March has become a joke. Where is women protection? Where are our rights? How long till all of this will be put to a halt? Or should we just accept that women can’t go out for a brief walk, that it’s just men who can? It’s a city made by God for all genders but it’s the society who had made it for men! 

Women aren’t safe in their homes, neither in the streets, nor in schools or workplaces, and now they aren’t even safe in shopping malls and plaza’s. 

Where is the law? Justice delayed is justice denied. Our question remains, how long?

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