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Here is a heartbreaking yet motivational post of an army wife

War is a short word yet the impact it has on generations to come, emotionally and economically, is unimaginable. Social media warriors may want war between countries but the real life sacrifices would be made by the men in uniform who would have to step up while others would be safely commenting from behind those screens. Families of such heroes would know how tough it is to be strong in a situation like this one.

This post by an army wife makes us want to give her millions of virtual hugs. You Go Girl!

Even if one life is lost in war, many loved ones lose themselves in the process of mourning. Yet our women are motivational and inspiring who are wives, mothers, daughters and much more to our heroes on the border.

The dignity that Pakistan showed after capturing an Indian pilot is the proof of how much our people want peace to beat war!

Earlier, two Pakistan Air Force jets targeted two Indian warplanes in a fight and shot them down along the Line of Control (LoC), the military’s spokesman confirmed.

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