Here is all you need to know about Selena Gomez’s secretive venture.

What’s up with these stars coming up with their own beauty lines one after another? After the Jenners, Kardashian and Ariana it is recently revealed that Selena Gomez too is quietly working on to launch her own beauty brand and the news is soon to be disclosed by her.

This news update seems to be surprising as Selena was never seen associated with beauty lines and this specific field. However, the young star was witnessed collaborating with fashion brands and successfully did a collaboration with various fitness and sportswear brands. As we all know Gomez was a complete stranger to the beauty industry, it excites people to know that there is another upcoming brand in line after Rihanna and Gaga who belong to the same music industry as Selena. The news is not yet revealed by Gomez but according to the U.S Patent and Trademark Office Selena just filed her trademark for “Selena Gomez”.

Here is what all you need to know about the secretive beauty brand soon to be launched. The beauty industry journey of Selena started when she introduced her perfume into the market and asked fans for their involvement to make it grow. Whereas the upcoming scheme of the brand includes, skincare, fragrances, hair care items, and different moisturizing products. Sounds interesting, as it is going to be irresistible for the beauty and makeup moguls to wait for the big news to break soon.

We hope that the new venture started by the singer be as competitive as the ones already rising up in the beauty and makeup industry.


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