How often should we wash our hair?

This question is often asked repeatedly and while we may have no affirmative answer we still hear rumors that if we don’t wash our hair regularly we might get “lice, dandruff or oily scalp.” But here is the main problem, over-washing your hair could lead to stripping off the natural oil from your hair and it might ruin our hair texture too. It may also lead to hair breakage.

The frequency of washing one’s hair depends their hair type and texture. Some people have a very oily scalp and need to wash their hair once in two days where as others go without washing their hair for up to three days. It’s necessary to identify the type of your scalp first, then you need to be careful about your hair brush and bristles, lastly you need to opt for a mild shampoo and conditioner. Hair mask is always a good idea over the weekend or mid-week if you get time.

Just like you take extra care of your skin the same should be done for your scalp. If someone resides in a city then they need to walk an extra mile to ensure their scalp stays healthy and fresh, often not washing leads to residue and dirt accumulation which in turn leads to an oily scalp and bad odor.

If someone has a rough, coarse textured hair or curly hair then for them it’s not ideal to wash their hair daily with a shampoo as it will cause more damage to their hair making it look more rough than usual. If proper. Firstly you need to start off by shampooing your scalp properly so all the residue and oil comes off, then in another round take shampoo and start working your way down on the length of your hair. Once you rinse it off you can apply the conditioner. You can always opt for a mask before shampoo, post wash don’t apply anything. Just apply a touch of any serum which would give shine to your hair and keep it from looking dead.

Get your protein treatments done twice a month at least if you’ve curly hair. You can also whip up your own hair masks and apply them, remember natural remedy is the best therapy but salon protein treatments will also help your hair and it will be quiet grateful to you!

For the curly people, don’t wash your hair regularly. It will leave it more vulnerable and prone to breakage. You need to balance the washing, give proper treatments to your hair and take care of it. It’s exactly like they say “your hair is the best crown you could wear.”

Some people question why do we have to wash our scalp at all. Here’s a question for them, would you go without washing your hair? Probably not right? If a microscopic picture of your scalp is handed out to you after a 3 day non-washing you’d want to scratch yourself and get in the shower as quickly as possible. If you go 3-4 days without washing your hair not only will the dirt embed in your scalp but bad smell will also start coming which will lead your hair to be more greasy and coated. Not washing will lead to a hair loss too. People end up getting bacterial infections and dandruff.


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