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If you choose to spend some of your free time being actively engaged in something that interests you, congrats—you have a hobby! And if you don’t have a hobby picked out quite yet, don’t worry. This article lists lots of very popular hobbies, including collecting, crafting, gardening, baking, gaming, and travelling, to name just a few. So, if you’re looking for a new hobby, read on to see if any of the options listed here spark your curiosity.

Get creative, spruce up your home, and save money with this hobby.

 No matter your skill or experience level, there’s a do-it-yourself (DIY) project that suits you. Try fixing a squeaky door, painting a room, re-tiling your bathroom, reconfiguring your garage, or building the kitchen of your dreams. You can learn a lot from DIY shows and websites and seek hands-on experience in a classroom setting or alongside a more experienced DIYer.

  • You can save a good deal of money by doing simple DIY projects yourself instead of calling a repair person each time. For instance, a quick fix of a leaky sink or running toilet can save you from paying a large bill for a few minutes of a plumber’s time.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, but also accept your limitations. For instance, don’t mess around with electrical wiring or structural framing if you’re not sure what you’re doing. A good DIYer knows that some things are best left to the pros!

Gardening offers outdoors time, light exercise, and beauty to enjoy.

Whether you’re growing a few potted flowers and vegetables on your balcony or beautifying a large backyard, gardening is a great hobby. It’s suited to any budget, climate, or amount of available space—an indoor garden is a good option if you have limited room outdoors. And it’s hard to beat the satisfaction of putting your own fresh-cut flowers in a vase or your own homegrown lettuce and tomatoes in your salad.[2]

  • Tasks like planting, watering, weeding, trimming, and harvesting takes some amount of time and commitment, but most gardeners find them manageable and even enjoyable.
  • If you have physical limitations that make on-the-ground gardening difficult, look into getting raised garden beds or easily accessible planters.
  • Gardening doesn’t need to be limited to your own home! Join a garden club or other local organization that works to beautify your community.

You have to eat anyway, so why not make food prep into a hobby?

Like many other hobbies, cooking and baking are really easy to get into, but you can spend a lifetime trying to master them. And here’s a nice perk as you work your way toward mastering this hobby: you get to eat your “mistakes”—which are usually still pretty tasty!

  • So what separates food prep as a necessity from food prep as a hobby? Ask yourself this question: Would you still enjoy your cooking or baking task if you didn’t have to do it to feed yourself or your family?
  • If you’re new to cooking or (especially) baking, follow recipes closely to get the best results. As you gain experience, don’t be afraid to get more creative.dncxklcnxn cnvicxj,ncx,ncnxcnxkncxjln

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