How to get long and strong hair?

To have hair long, thick, and strong is every girls dream and we have idealized it. We try everything and ask google repeatedly “how can we make our hair grow faster?” The good news is that when you are willing to work on your hair there will always be things that will help you and it will encourage you to stick to the routine. However, to achieve the kind of hair you have in mind would require consistency, hard work and patience.

Did you know only half an inch grows each months and that adds up to six inches over the year. Our genetics play a vital role in our hair growth too and there are no remedies or hair pills that you can take and speed up the process of hair growth. However you can protect your hair and make sure that your hair grows at an optimal rate and there’s less breakage.

People use oils and masks which they think would rapidly improve their hair however, your hair should be healthy from the inside too. It’s the internal care that’s necessary as well and you can grow it longer and stronger that way. Take your vitamins, stay hydrated, eat healthy, take vitamin loaded juices and workout. Release toxins from your body and make sure to stay away from heat as much as possible.

Don’t neglect your scalp. Just like your skin, your scalp needs treatments and needs to stay healthy otherwise problems will occur and forget about hair growth. Try to shampoo your hair every alternate day to remove dead skin, dirt, sweat, smell and oil. If you don’t clean your scalp properly you will experience dandruff which will lead to irritation. Unhealthy scalp means hair prone to breakage and not growing as per the rate it should. A flaky irritated scalp causes hair loss.

There have been tons of scalp care products in the market but you need not buy all. Try to understand you scalp first, see what is beneficial for it and what suits it. Vitamin C loaded serums would be good for your scalp like it is for you skin and it would result in a happier clean scalp.

Take protein rich diet and eat portion sized carbs as well. It will promote hair growth and the best food would be fish, eggs, peas, pulses etc. They truly promote your hair growth. If you cut carbs entirely you are not treating your body right because your hair follicles need energy and that comes from taking carbs for eg oatmeal, brown rice etc. Incorporate kiwis in your diet, orange and leafy greens. If you are vitamin D deficient than start taking it orally and have dry fruits all of this promotes hair growth. Supplements are also essential if you are not taking your diet properly.

If you take care of your body, aren’t stressed, take care of your scalp and live a healthy life than your hair will grow but it won’t grow beyond its capability.

You need to be careful about the following nutrients, if you take these your hair will grow.

  1. Iron- deficiency of iron will result in unhealthy hair and bad growth pace. Your hair will be rough and falling
  2. Taking biotins mean stopping hair loss
  3. Zinc and B12 supplements are super important. They are found in animal products and help repair your hair
  4. Proteins and carbs- do not deprive your body of either
  5. Vitamin D leads to hair growth and deficiency of it will definitely result in hair loss

If you do a very restrictive dieting in which you deprive your body of the main nutrients than it will lead to hair fall. Styling, heating, bad products and tight hair styles also add to it and cause breakage. Use a soft brush and start detangling first at the bottom then work your way up to the roots. Do opt for protein treatments as they really improve the hair structure and adds to elasticity and softness.

Lastly, get trims in 2-3 months so your split ends are off otherwise your hair will look unruly and messy.

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