How to get your dream eyebrows in 3 easy steps.

In high school we all had weird shaped eyebrows. And every now and then we get flashbacks and are freaked out over it. This is then era where we shouldn’t over pluck our eyebrows, this isn’t the time for thin and angular eyebrows. Rather, go bold, free and fuller. Show off your natural thicker brows. And flaunt it.

If your brows were over plucked and thinner then you need atleast six months to a year to grow them back. And once they are fully grown here’s what you can do to get those dreamy eyebrows.

· Firstly assess your shape.

Stick as close to your natural shape brows as possible. Use tweezers to hold them in a place and see where they begin. It often starts at the top bridge of your nose. Hold the tweezer and angle it in the same direction up to the peak that way you’ll find your arch. The most easiest and convenient way is to take one finger and lightly pull up your eyebrow that way you’ll figure out how much arch you want. If you want higher or lower you’d know what to do.

The Tools

The best way to tweeze is that you keep removing stray hairs. The entire point of tweezer is to pluck out the hair by the root. If you achieve that then the hair will grow back at a much later time. Using face razors are easy but they just fix it for a day. Waxing stretches your skin and threading breaks the hair, leaves it in-grown. So tweezing is a much better technique and precision in it is everything. Every eyebrow hair makes a statement.

· Align and Tweeze

When you want to shape your eyebrows, there are a few guidelines you’d need to follow. Firstly, try to get your natural shape enhanced and never over-do it. Just make sure your eyebrows are in a perfect shape and tidy. A few strands need to be tweezed out and you’ll be good to go. Less is always more. When you’re using a scissor make sure you’re using the right one. If the blade is too long or short you’ll need to stop and then chop off your strays which will create a very uneven look. Brush them up lightly and then trim them where ever needed. Don’t trick the arch at all!

· Fill Your Brows

Now fill your eyebrows up. To keep it neat and natural, avoid over doing them. Avoid a heavy hand when filling the center of your brows. Just color wherever there’s sparsity. Trace the top of the brow and the bottom to create a perfectly neat look. If you want a little more prominent arch then add a little more color and brush it.

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