How to treat body acne and prevent breakouts.

The long summer days calls for lightest layers of clothing but regardless sweat and oil cause body acne. It exacerbates over time and most of it takes place in chest and back. They are super itchy and unwelcome however there is always a way to treat and manage them. One of the ways is exfoliation and soothing lotions. However, there are best kinds of products to have which would make our skin look smoother and clearer.

Acne leaves multiple scars on the body over time which makes the skin appear dull and uggs. We need to study our acne, where it occurs, how it looks. Body acne is mostly seen and characterized as “cystic acne of the buttocks, back, chest and shoulders.” This is because all these areas have sebaceous oil glands which are the root cause of body acne.

We need to learn what causes acne. The causes of acne could be inflammation, oil production, hair follicles being clogged with oil, dust and dead skin cells. Often acne-causing bacterium called Cutibacterium are the main culprits. However, hormonal changes such as menopause, pregnancy and perimenopause also contribute to body acne.
You need to cleanse but make sure you don’t overdo it. If you’re body is at risk of breaking out pretty frequently than use a gentle, acne-fighting body wash. Make sure it contains ingredients which kills bacteria so that the acne can be treated and dark spots can be reduced. But never go overboard with cleansing as well and don’t use harsh products as they can also cause problems. Just try to scrape off oil and dirt which has deeply embedded in the skin.
Try to treat the acne step by step. Have customized treatments for your acne as it has long lasting effective results. There are also masks which are present in the market and they can be as effective too. Spot treatment might be more effective.
Hydration is the key to best skin. One should NEVER forget this. It is the best way to treat acne and other skin problems. With water most of the problems get solved, side by side lotions and serums are also helpful. Nourishing your skin with prebiotics and ceramide is the best way to rebalance the microbiome. Try to choose a hydrator which is rich in products that are beneficial for the skin.
Avoid any tight-fitting clothing and start wearing breathable fabrics especially when you exercise. Start cutting down on sugar, dairy products and oily fatty food. Stress and hormone fluctuation also cause acne.

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