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IBM has fired over thousands of old employees in last 5 years.

According to an ex salesman at IBM, the company has fired around 100,000 employees in the last few years to adapt the culture at the other tech giants like Google and Amazon. Two senior IBM ex-officials filed an age discrimination lawsuit against IBM.

A onetime HR Vice President stated that the company fired and hired people aggressively in the last four years, in order to get the young staff. On the other hand, IBM says that we do not discriminate on age.

The company stated, “We hire 50,000 employees each year, and spend nearly a half-billion dollars on training our team. We also receive more than 8,000 job applications every day, the highest rate that we’ve ever experienced, so there’s clear excitement about IBM’s strategy and direction for the future”.

One of the employees who filed the suit claimed that in spite of his good performance he was told to leave. Another employee stated that the company wanted the young potential employee to see the organization as cool and dynamic, not dull and boring.

Last March, ProPublica made a report regarding an investigation about how IBM has fired staff members of 40 years and old in the last 5 years.

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