Iffat Omar reveals she is ready to quit

Veteran octor Iffat Omar enunciated that she has decides to leave the television industry while talking during a TV Show where she opened up about quitting the showbiz, she also revealed the reasons behind it.

Iffat said:

“I first took break because of my marriage, at that time I had to prove myself a good housewife, it was my priority, I left showbiz on peak and now I started from mothers’ roles, and I am not enjoying at all because of bad work, I think have quit the showbiz because I am not happy with the current dramas at all, I cant even watch these dramas, I am sorry. Pakistani dramas are not of my type, I watch international shows”.

 “I have decided to leave showbiz unless I get a very good and out of the box script, I don’t want to do current scripts and I also want my separate room like new kids, I need my own vanity, my space, same pay package and same protocols, I also have to perform at the end of the day, think from where I am coming, I need same attitude as main leads, we are clerks for drama makers, there is negativity, the younger lot even doesn’t respect seniors, they don’t talk, we used to sit in feet of seniors, they sit in separate room, we are accustomed to do rehearsals, they don’t even want to talk.” said Iffat.

Iffat openly shared her thoughts on the Pakistani dramas, and although she is a part of the industry she is not happy with the content. She feels the script and content is not up to the mark and hence she intends to leave the industry and call it quits.

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