Implicit biasness is real…

Teachers have become so insensitive that they don’t realize their sarcastic comments often affect a student deeply and in a personal manner. It not only shatters the confidence of a student but also leads him to think twice before raising his hand in the classroom. The teachers talk so frustratingly with students especially if they raise their hand in a classroom or voice their concerns regarding difficulty in understanding. Students have made it habitual to nod and just stay blank than understand the concept the same way teachers have lost interest and focus more on just reading than explaining.

Its rule of thumb for the teachers to stay neutral and take the kids along, it’s their duty to understand that the students are different from each other and one might be slower but more creative than the other who might be bad at creativity but score well in technical courses. Each brain, each individual is different and the teachers should understand and realize it.

These days, the management has taken it as a responsibility to just teach a course, they aren’t willing to understand the differences in classes, ethnicities and cultures. They don’t cater the special needs of students, rather they perceive each and every one of them equal and same. This is inclusiveness which is wrong and has deeply embedded in every institution. What can change this entire situation is a little bit of kindness, which teachers can show to the students, and children can show to each other. They need to respect each other’s decision, values, culture and emotions.

There seems to be an unending cycle of biasness in our society. And it exists at various levels in our educational sector as well. Most of this biasness is unintentional, it’s just deeply engraved in human beings. Whenever we hear teachers screaming phrases like “you are so dumb, where is your brain, God knows how you got to this grade, are you even a real sibling of our ex-student?” we tend to ignore it.

We need to realize how much of an impact our words can have. We need to understand and stop pointing fingers especially on the parents who are trying to make the ends meet and help raise their children. Repeated complains about their kids will further only increase their frustration and the child will be a target of physical and mental abuse not only in the school but at home as well. If we see a pattern and behavioral problems, it’s our duty to step forward and help than suppress it. Let’s join hands to combat implicit bias which exists for real and needs to be put to an end!

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