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Indian media: A comedy of errors

For over a week, South Asia was on a knife-edge. But with the return of a downed Indian pilot by Pakistan on Friday, the eye-staring aggression between rivals, India and Pakistan, seems to be lessening.

As the fog of war clears up, there were moments of comedy during conflict. counts down the most embarrassing, rip-roaringly funny and biggest fails by the Indian media:

1) A reporter was left red-faced after residents in Indian-occupied Kashmir told him they would have to relocate due to firing from the Indian side, not Pakistan. Bet he didn’t see that coming.

2) The Indian media was convinced that the wreckage found on their side of the border belonged to a downed Pakistani F-16. India Today even called in a defence analyst to hammer in their point. But then he said: “I don’t think that is entirely accurate…” We’ll let you watch the entire video here.

3) And then there was that Titanic reference. Oh boy!

4) When all arguments failed, they decided to use the image of an F-16 naswar to make their point.

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