Indians promote cultural unity with ‘#MyNameInUrdu’, Pakistanis reciprocate with ‘#MyNameInHindi’

The latest in the love/hate tale of the two countries is that Indians made a hashtag go viral that had quite an impact on Pakistanis. #MyNameInUrdu went viral for the nature of motive.

The story behind the hashtag is that Prabha Raj recently found herself fascinated by the Urdu script. Enamoured by its beauty she decided to make use of it in her Twitter handle name.

Netizens did not waste any time in spreading the word and practicing what was preached by Prabha. Here are tweets that will overwhelm you.

Prabha said, “This is not my movement, this is our movement. Together, as Indians, we are standing up against hate. If a single tweet can start a storm of love, I am happy to have been the catalyst. What is more important is for people to learn to be sensitive towards fellow humans.”

Pakistanis were no less in extending their hand in the name of harmony. #MyNameInHindi started trending as a means of reciprocation. Twitter users shared their cultural experiences alongside the barriers caused to them in the name of religion and language. More importantly, there was a sense of brotherhood in the air with encouraging words for one another.

#MyNameInHindi is beautiful after all.

This one takes the trophy though. Doesn’t it?

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