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Inequality and problems…

The kind of world we live in today has become unmatchable unequal. More so it is increasing day by day and the kind of world we are living in today is very vague and difficult. The outbreak of COVID has made this problem more complex. There is a huge wealth disparity. The rich are becoming richer and poor- poorer. There are multiple problems that have caused considerably large number of issues in health sectors and we are talking about mental health issues as well.

Because of so many problems that exist we aren’t talking about it, we aren’t creating awareness which should be our top priority goal. There is only a chunk which truly understands that mental illness is real and needs to be treated just like any other physical illness.

Many people here face social injustice and economic exploitation furthermore, we aren’t willing to face it because it feels like a threat to us. We feel like it will hurt our ego and self-esteem. Either ways, the state doesn’t provide us with any social security. In class-based societies like ours, everyone acts like a watchdog who is busy analyzing each other’s status and wealth.

Such problems need to be addressed properly and they need to be talked about even in classrooms. They need to be talked about in all educational institutes across the globe. Once we understand these issues and talk about them, definitely our State and health professional will devise policies and address these issues too. We need to get our elites to come around and understand these problems for they are the ones who make the policies.

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Isra Shams