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Instagram model covers her lamborghini in two million swarovski crystals

Ever heard of customizing your cars and thing, well this time its has been taken to another level.

Russian instagram model newest effort was  some two million Swarovski crystals applied to her $300,000 Aventador in effect, wrapping the Lamborghini  in crystals.

This is absolutely insane, here take a look.

 That car, with its eponymous license plate referencing its owner, went public in streets of London, grabbing peoples attention.

The elite car customizing body shop chosen for the Aventador work, It took them approximately about 700 man-hours over two months to apply the tiny crystals to the sleek outer surfaces of the rare Italian stallion. This Aventador is a Superveloce version of the V12, just 600 of which were built.

London has become the global parade ground for rich humans. The customized Paganis, Porsches, Ferraris and Lamborghini’s are cheek in the town pretty much year round with customized number plates.

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