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Is Asif Ali the new hero of Pakistan!

Pakistan has showed an extremely unbeatable performance this World Cup. Back to back 3 consecutive wins have made the entire nation proud.
Last night during the PAK – Afghanistan match when our hearts started skipping a beat because of how close the match was heading and it was very uncertain as to who will win, we definitely needed boundaries to win.
Just as we were heading towards the final overs Asif Ali came in and took over the entire game. The entire world is full of praise for his astonishing performance and the great win, calling Asif as the new hero of Pakistan.
After Asif Ali’s spectacular performance, Careem Pakistan tweeted they are giving away all the free meals promised to Asif Ali to honour his performance.
An apology letter surfaced the internet apologising to Asif for not believing in him.
In 2019 Asif suffered a great loss when his daughter passed away and his performance went down. Yet again he has risen and proved that nothing is impossible in life if one has firm belief and dedication.
We are proud of you Asif Ali!

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