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Javed Sheikh takes a dig at Shaan Shahid

Shaan Shahid has been ruling the Pakistani film industry for a long time and he does not shy away from mincing words.

Shaan has always portrayed himself as a patriot and dispelled the notion that he is a fundamentalist for questioning his fraternity’s intent for being quick to work in India without the same level of respect, given by them to their counterparts.

He played major roles in many patriotic movies and had also expressed his views regarding Pakistani artists desires of working in India.

In the past, Shaan had also given his viewpoint regarding why he would not work in India and said that his motto was first earning respect and then money will follow.

Apart from being patriotic, Shaan had also gone through a verbal fight with Ali Zafar during an award show on whether to work across the border or not.

Discovering the matter, Pakistani legendary TV star Javed Sheikh had made some serious revelations during a private TV channel ‘ARY digital’s’ talk show with show host Waseem Badami. Javed Sheikh had uncovered that the reality is that Shaan Shahid is not only quite eager to work in Bollywood but also suggested that we should say yes to working across the border.

Javed Sheikh said that Shaan has a very stern attitude towards Bollywood because he hasn’t worked there yet. Sharing a memory, Javed had said that when a group of industry fellows consisting of Sajjad Gul, Shaan Shahid, Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar and himself and many others made way to India, during a personal discussion Shaan was quite wishful and eager to work in the Indian film Industry.

Javed Sheikh also mentioned that Shaan was offered a role in Ghajni but he declined the proposal.

Responding to Javed Sheikh’s claims, Shaan said that he refused the script because the character of the antagonist had a political shade attached to it that was a pro-Pakistani and anti-India. He was of the opinion that in Bollywood your passport is your show real and we artists are offered work because of being a Pakistani national so we need to be more responsible.

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