Jealousy is a disease!!

They say Jealousy is a disease, it truly is a disease when it brings the worst out of you and force you to destroy someone for no good reason; It becomes a mental disease, and if left untreated will only get worse and destroy no one else but YOU.

Today many people are inflicted with it, it destroys your ability to think rationally, and see how they really are. It destroys your ability to appreciate people and see some one else above you, all you desire is to see the person fail miserably regardless of his efforts. You just want to bring the down. Have you really stopped and think about this how inhumane this behavior is? Why would you want to ruin someone’s peace of mind if they have never done anything wrong to you or if their intentions have always been positive towards thing.

We have a society now who wants to torn down successful people out of their jealousy. They don’t respect someone’s efforts, goals and hard work but want them to be as miserable as they are. You can actually pull yourself into deep depression with jealousy. It makes you look at life in a very ugly way.

How about instead of looking at things through the eyes of jealousy, we seek to emulate those who have accomplished so much or see that they are not really someone to be jealous about? Our lives would be more fulfilling. We would not be as depressed and angry.

We are amazing people capable of doing amazing things. Jealousy is disease that will diminish our ability to do those things. Next time a sense of jealousy creeps into your life, do yourself a great service by casting it out and focusing your efforts on improving yourself. It will produce a much more satisfying result.

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