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Jellyfish as big as Human caught on camera and it’s Insane…

Just near the coast of Cornwall, UK a human sized jellyfish was spotted by two divers. This jellyfish is known as barrel jellyfish. Dan Abbot an underwater cinematographer along with wild life biologist, Lizzie Daly, captured this giant jellyfish which is hard to believe.

The jellyfish is reportedly more than 5 feet long. Typically in jellyfish, barrel jellyfish is the biggest kind, but they don’t grow as big as this jellyfish. Although it has a mild sting, these jellyfish are also known as dustbin-lid jellyfish. They have 8 frilly arms. It is almost rare for people to have a chance to swim with them and you can find them when they are towards the shore.

The divers said it’s the biggest that they have ever seen. These two divers found it on the last day of Wild Ocean Week, which Abbot started to create awareness and raise money for Marine Conservation Society in the UK. “It was breathtaking,” Daly, an ambassador for the United Kingdom’s Marine Conservation Society, told USA Today.

In times, where sea life is being affected the most due to sea pollution, this jellyfish has given us moment realize what nature has to offer.

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