Jemima Khan’s produced HBO documentary: Ft Coke Studio S8 track

Ali Sethi’s Coke Studio S8 version of “Umran Langiyaan” to feature in Jemima Khan’s produced HBO documentary.

The hit protagonist Adnan Syed has been in the news again ever since the announcement of a Jemima Khan-produced HBO documentary on the case is going to feature his hit serial “Umraan Langiyaan” from Coke Studio season 8.Only Sethi’s portion of the eight-minute song will be in the documentary which will be screened in HBO.

The Case of Adnan Syed is a re-investigation of an old case of a high school student named Hae Min Lee and her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed, who was convicted of her murder.

The documentary revolves around the efforts of the protagonist’s lawyer and friend Rabia Chaudhary who fought for his new trial after serving 18 years in jail.

The main reason why Umraan lands up in the documentary? The documentary highlights the efforts of the protagonist’s lawyer friend Rabia Chaudhary who fought for his re-trial after being sentenced to a life sentence plus thirty years. ,according to a press release she stated:

“She was listening to Sethi’s version of’ Umraan Langiyaan’ as she was investigating the case” ,

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