Katie Holmes skin care tips.

Holmes is known to have a make-up-free face in her daily life. She approaches beauty from the inside-out by making sure to take care of herself first and worry about make-up later. 

She said in an interview “I don’t worry about not having make-up on. My joy comes from within.” 

She has that natural glowing look and her first priority is self care. She shared some beauty secrets for more make-up-free days.

  1. she consumes plenty of water and vegetablesShe says that her routine starts long before she even applies any products. She eats her veggies and nourishes her body with water all the time.
  2. She layers hyaluronic acid serum with moisturiser. She says that it can be a lifesaver on days when her skin needs extra dose of moisture.
  3. She likes wearing products from Dr. Sturm’s skincare line. Some of her favourite products from the line include hyaluronic acid, face cream and brightening serum.
  4. She gets regular facials done.
  5. And wears sunscreen + lip gloss every time she decided to leave the house!

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