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Khel khel main…

Yesterday, I got the pleasure of watching ‘Khel Khel main’. From script, to cast, acting & production everything was so well put together that I for once was not only impressed but, completely drawn to the movie.

It was a roller coaster of emotions where the entire cinema laughed, felt upset & cried! What a beautiful way to show the sad reality of Fall of Dhaka- 1971. Through the movie, they tried to rewrite the history in a more raw & true form. Sajal Aly has always been a great actress but ‘Khel Khel main’ was one of her finest work I’d say.

The movie touched upon taboo subject of 1971 war & it really delivered the message perfectly. The story revolves around a group of college students that study together & due to certain things they end up participating in a drama competition in Bangladesh and choose to depict the fall of Dhaka and the cause behind it. They want to break certain notions and also venture out to win the hearts of Bangladeshis.

The movie has cut open such brutal realities that they will make you cry. You’ll know about the sad realities of minorities. They way Muslim’s live there, the way they were stuck when partition was announced. The actors have attempted to clarify Pakistan’s position in the 1971 war & the allegations we as a nation faced. 

I’d urge everyone to & support not just Pakistani movie’s but the young talent! It’s your support & confidence which will lead them to create bigger, better & meaningful stories!

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