Kohat’s first professional female photographer is inspiring other budding artists

Twenty-three-year-old Ramal Ejaz is Kohat’s first female photographer. She is inspiring women in her region to follow their dreams, no matter what their circumstances.

“My journey was very challenging in the beginning,” Ejaz said on SAMAA TV’s programme Naya Din on Thursday. “Kohat has a very conservation environment and I come from a joint family, so it was very difficult convincing them,” she said.

Although it took time, the first milestone in achieving this dream was when my dad agreed to let me follow my passion, Ejaz said.

She has been in the profession for more than two years and covers weddings and other events in her district. Ejaz said that it was initially difficult for people to accept her but they eventually came around.

“In the first few months, a lot of people talked behind my back and were skeptical of my work,” she said. Ejaz, however, used her society’s conservative nature to her benefit and created a niche for herself in the market.

“In weddings and ceremonies, women were always hesitant to get their pictures taken by a male photographer because of privacy concerns,” she said. “Now, they have gotten familiar with me and have become comfortable.”

For Ejaz, photography is not just a profession but also her passion. “The best thing about photography is how you can capture the most beautiful moments in life and preserve them,” she said.

The 23-year-old said that she got her inspiration from her father and brother who photographed as a hobby.

A graduate of the University of Kohat, Ejaz also taught her skill to other female students of the varsity after graduating. “I trained eight students there and conduct in-house training sessions as well,” she added.

She has a team of female photographers now.

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