Learn how to talk to your crush

If there’s someone you can’t stop thinking about or you get butterflies when they walk by, you probably have a crush. Approaching your crush is nerve-wracking enough, but it can be even harder when you and your crush are a little shy. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can break the ice and have a fun conversation with the person you like without feeling awkward.

Think about a few things you and your crush might talk about.

Since they’re shy, too, focus on things you know they like so they can talk a lot about them. For instance, if your crush is in the band, you might ask them how practice is going or if they’re excited to perform at homecoming.

  • If your crush likes art, you could talk about your artistic skills and which mediums you’ve been using.
  • If you know your crush is into music, ask them if they’ve seen any live bands lately.

Texting them is way easier than chatting in person.

If you don’t have their number, ask around or hit them up on social media. Shoot them a text to get a conversation started in an easy, casual way.

If you don’t have their number, this is the way to go.

Find them on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and follow them if you aren’t already. Send them a DM saying hey and ask them how it’s going to start a conversation.

  • For example, you could say, “Hey! What’s up?”
  • Or, “Hi! How’d you do on that test?”

Eye contact is an invitation to come over and chat.

When you spot your crush in person, try to catch their eye. When you do, give them a small smile or even a wave. If your crush is feeling bold that day, they might even come talk to you

  • However, if your crush is super shy, they might be too nervous to come and talk to you, and that’s okay.

This is a great ice breaker that you can use to start a conversation. If you’re in the same class together, ask your crush for help with the homework or on an assignment. From there, you can segue into talking about other things or venting about the teacher. Say something like

  • “Hey, have you studied for the exam yet? I’m really having trouble with integrals.”
  • “Hi! I’m having trouble understanding this question. Do you think you could help me out?”


Ease into your conversation with casual, easy conversation topics. Things like your school’s sports teams, your favorite band, or even how bad the school lunches are can get you two chatting for a long time. Try saying things like

  • “Wow, your band shirt is so cool. Have you seen them in person?”
  • “Have you heard we’re getting meatloaf again today? Gross!”


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