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Let’s end plastic pollution!

Too often we see people putting down humanity, mistakenly believing that it’s too late to change when in fact IT’S NOT TOO LATE AND WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD BY WORKING TOGETHER!

Sometimes the problems of our world can feel overwhelming but we got one piece at a time and we can recover one piece at a time. I believe in our ability to make drastic change, throughout the world I see a shift in the way we think. I see people starting to make conscious decisions with our planet in mind. We humans maybe the problem but it’s we humans that give me hope and a solution. Even the smallest shift in the way we think, the tiniest action towards making a difference, it can be a powerful thing.

Growing up in Pakistan, the reality of plastic pollution washed up on our shores daily and tackling such a monstrous issue felt hopeless at times but when I just focus on myself, on my personal plastic consumption and how I contribute to the problem, making a difference doesn’t feel like such a daunting task.

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