Life Abroad: A chance to re-discover yourself

When we receive a letter that includes ” We are moving abroad” a pattern of smile in our face, a cloud of contented life and a desire of being independent begin to construct.

But what are the hidden realities? Let’s face it:

When in actual you step out of your nation, you leave everything behind; your family friends and the memories you cherished. Not only this, homemade food is yet another important aspect that you don’t get there.

Now, when you step in to another world, everything there fascinates you; new faces, language, cultural norms and much more. You begin to plan the future, plan the parties to entertain your independent life, everything feels like this is the moment that was in your awaiting list. Along with your new friends, will recreate the memories.

After spending days,  you are overwhelmed by the number of changes happening around you. You are conforming to different values by which you are hitting cultural shocks. The loneliness of being independent starts to evolve around you,  you’re broke down a lot of times. You shut yourself, cut communication from everyone else and just sit and cry your heart out until the tears dried up.

Then there comes European weather, creepy winds depressing your mood, you barely can enjoy the sunlight. There is no way out there that could change your mood, no netflix series nor a desi friend could do so. You are walking 5-6km at -6 degrees Celsius to reach your target because you can’t afford a vehicle, nor a ride.

You know there are bunch of people who have their games strong, you obviously try to develop friendship with them, you think they will be your support system but, in reality, you’ve come up to the conclusion that they don’t need you. Adult friendships are not the same as childhood or the way it used to be in your native country. You observed everything here deals with professionalism, a bond is there between the people, not as brothers or friends but for networking purpose who might help each other professionally.

Now, you’ve come to the realization of the fact that you’re on your own. You don’t know who to trust anymore and you don’t even think to. Gradually, reach to the point of Being yourself. You have to focus on yourself, your goals and do what makes you happy not what pleases others. You are living for yourself, not for others. You have to be self-sufficient and show that you don’t depend on anyone.

Your hard work is paying off and now you have become strong, your audacity has taken control over your mind.

The time has come to empathize on your parents, you realized that they had never let you felt the need of anything, you have always named it and you had it, they had never let you felt the hardwork and struggles they made to satisfy you. Although, if you have had asked to support your initial life struggle in abroad they would have never neglected.

You Re-discovered yourself.



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