Love yourself exactly as you are…..


The road towards self happiness starts with the journey within.

Throughout everyday life, we look for external approval to feel a greater sense of self worth. This leads us towards frustration, habit-forming inclinations, and unfulfillment. If we look past our conscience’s need to feel unique (basically according to other people), perhaps the greatest obstacle in finding inward bliss is the negative self criticism.

Everyone needs to understand that happiness comes from self acceptance and compassion. Firstly, we all have to accept the fact that we are all humans and we can make mistakes, we are allowed to as we are humans and it is natural. So learn to forgive yourself because life is all about moving on and learning new experiences throughout this journey. Secondly, we have to love everything about ourselves because once we learn to accept our insecurities and flaws no one else can point a finger at you. Thirdly, try to see yourself from someone else eyes and imagine how your loved ones see you. . They look at you adoringly, appreciating the essence of who you are, seeing your unique beauty, and enjoying everything that makes you special and different. They aren’t fixated on your flaws, your shortcomings, or what’s wrong with you. They see you through the eyes of love. At the point when you figure out how to adore yourself (the manner in which a loved one or a relative would), you begin to produce an increased self-appreciation acknowledgment and appreciation for what your identity is. Dwell over the amount of efforts you have made in your life, every one of the battles that you have fought or the fears you conquered, and surprisingly the objectives you have accomplished. At this point, when you see yourself according to this positive perspective, your ability to adore yourself grows.

When we figure out how to acknowledge the straightforward truth that we are human, we can begin to acknowledge our imperfections. While we may consistently feel the craving to work on ourselves or limit our flaws (which is absolutely ordinary), by figuring out how to acknowledge our humanness, we foster a feeling of empathy for ourselves.

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